Armitron WR165 – An Overview

Armitron WR165

Armitron Wr165 watches are extremely popular and are among the highest selling watch at retailers. Eugen Gluck founded Armitron in the year 1956. E. Gluck is the present President of this American watch manufacturing company that is headquartered New York. Armitron began manufacturing digital watches with LED display in the year 1970s. However, since the LED displays took up a lot of battery life, in 1977, the company stopped producing it. Armitron after started manufacturing digital watches along with LCD displays. And, in the year 2007, Armitron started manufacturing automatic watches.

Distinct Features Of Wr165:

The Armitron Wr165 is a wristwatch that has four buttons near the edge of the watch’s face. These four buttons help to control all the functions of Wr165, which includes re-setting the date and time. This digital sports watch also displays both 12 and 24 hour time formats. In the 12 hour format, it displays the distinction between a.m. and p.m. by showing a p.m. indicator in the latter part of the day. Wr165 also includes an hourly chime, 24-hour alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch feature and is water resistant for up to 165 feet.

Armitron Wr165 is a fashionable wristwatch and it offers an easy way to check time without information overload. Apart from the time and calendar functions, this watch has a chronograph with a countdown timer and lap operation. You can make use of the four buttons on the watch’s side to set up the watch and use its different functions.

Wr165 Basic Functions:


You need to push the “B” button two times to enter the alarm mode. Then push the “A” button till the hours place starts flashing. To set the hour of the alarm, press the “B” button. To set the minute, you must push the “C” button and push the “A” button in order to save the alarm. You may push the “B” button to go back to the display time mode.

Time and Date:

Push the “A” button and wait for the seconds place to start flashing. Then you need to push the “C” button to re-set the seconds to “00.” And to set the current hour, press “B”. Press “C” until it displays the current hour. To set the current minutes, push the “C” button till the watch displays current minute.

Countdown Stopwatch/ Timer:

Push the “B” button thrice in order to enter the count-down mode. Then push the “A” button followed by the “C” button to set the hour. To be able to set the minutes, you must push the “B” button and to set the seconds, push the “C” button. In order to back to count-down timer mode, press the “A” button. You can press “C”, to stop the count-down timer. Whereas, to reset the count-down timer, push the “A” button and push the “B” button in order to go back to the display time mode.

This exceptional digital watch is available in numerous styles that also comprise of a women’s pink model. You can find Armitron Wr165 online as well as in a few sporting supply and general or department stores.

Overall, Armitron Wr165 watches have unique style, value and quality. With a rugged style and rubber wristband, this watch is intended for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.