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The Invicta Subaqua Watch: A Quality Product For A Lower Price

Invicta Subaqua

The Invicta subaqua watch is really a quality item, but it does not come with as high a price tag as you may have initially thought. Instead, what you get is a watch that does the job it is intended for without all of the glitz that other makes tend to produce, but with the 2013 models now out on sale what can you expect from the latest model?

The range of best sport watches has certainly resulted in the production of models that look quite rugged in nature and they are certainly not for a dressy occasion. Instead, they are far more practical and quite manly in their design with the rubber or silicone strap being quite common along with stainless steel cases and this being mixed in with various different colors that make each model out to be slightly different to the rest. It is worth noting that the case is often colored in order to make it look like it is another material other than steel and it just adds to the rugged look associated with these watches.

If You Need A Classy Watch, Then The Invicta 9937 Is One To Consider

Invicta 9937

If you are indeed looking for a classy watch, then you could certainly do a lot worse than to at least consider buying the Invicta 9937. This particular model really does look the part, but apart from looking good it is also fantastic at keeping the time, so what can you expect should you go ahead and splash the cash and take ownership of this particular watch?

One of the first things that people look at with a quality watch is the movement and in this particular model it is a Swiss movement and like others in this market it is also an automatic watch, which means there is no winding up mechanism to worry about and nor is there a battery. Instead, you wind this up simply by wearing it as the movements of your arm and wrist are what keeps this watch going, so as long as you keep wearing it, then it will never run down and you will be able to keep track of the time without any problems.

Essential Facts about Invicta Sea Hunter Watches

Invicta Sea Hunter

The Invicta Sea Hunter watch features a prominent and elegant stainless steel case, as well as a sporty rubber strap. This durable and stylish watch is the finest timepiece to wear no matter what type of environment or activity whether you are outdoors or indoors. Primarily, the watch boasts of its elegant black stainless steel case with ion plating and a unidirectional bezel that comes with black index markers and coin edge featured every five minutes. Furthermore, the ion-plated and screw-down crown has a protective cap that is attached to its case.

Impressive Features of the Watch

The stainless steel components of the watch cradle unique Spartan-black carbon fiber dials embellished with luminous hands and hour markers. These elements are powered by a highly-reliable and top of the line Swiss Quartz movement. Moreover, the dial is protected and secured by a special flame-fusion crystal that provides an accurate date display window featured at 3 o’clock. The black-colored rubber material and buckle clasp for the bracelet keep the watch secured to your wrist. Lastly, the timepiece offers superb resistance from water and moisture for up to 100 meters underwater.

The Invicta Pro Diver Watch: There Is More To It Than Being Water Resistant

Invicta pro diver

There really is more to the Invicta pro diver watch than it simply being associated with being used in water because in actual fact you are getting a watch that is made to the same high standard as you would expect from this brand and the one thing that is certain is that you will not be let down with this model. Invicta have been making watches for a number of years and have a reputation to uphold, so how does this one compare?

Clearly one of the main things that will draw people to this watch is the fact that it is called the pro diver and the statistic that you will want to know is that it is water resistant to over 600 feet and this means that it is suitable not only for swimming, but also if you love to go scuba diving. This watch has certainly undergone quite a lot of testing before it has been put on public sale and there is certainly no need to worry about water damaging it as the entire watch is tight and does not leak and is testimony to the quality craftsmanship that you expect from Invicta.

Fascinating Details about the Invicta Angel Watch

Invicta Angel Watch

The Invicta Angel watch was the manufacturer’s immense vision in designing affordable quartz timepieces for women. Hence, the Angel Collection by Invicta provides chic and durable ladies’ watches with a reasonable price of at least $400 to $2000 for the high end models. Aside from the modest prices of these fashionable timepieces, you can choose from a wide range of designs, colors and styles that will meet your needs and preferences. Although there may be a wide selection of designs available, all watches by Invicta come with a sturdy stainless steel case. Moreover, most of these timepieces are circular in shape, while the ones included in the Angel collection are rectangular for a unique appeal.

Great Features of the Angel Collection Watches

As these watches are intended to be worn by women, the size of these timepieces are perfect for ladies. For instance, the diameters are about 30 to 39 mm, which ensure you of a perfect fit without sacrificing style and comfort. Furthermore, the watch comes with a highly durable steel casing that is embellished with polished and brushed finishes. Other models have a special gold plating that matches the impressive accents or elements on the dials. You will also be amazed by other options for the designs such as cubic zirconia gems or white diamonds for a dainty and truly feminine appeal.

Armitron WR165 – An Overview

Armitron WR165

Armitron Wr165 watches are extremely popular and are among the highest selling watch at retailers. Eugen Gluck founded Armitron in the year 1956. E. Gluck is the present President of this American watch manufacturing company that is headquartered New York. Armitron began manufacturing digital watches with LED display in the year 1970s. However, since the LED displays took up a lot of battery life, in 1977, the company stopped producing it. Armitron after started manufacturing digital watches along with LCD displays. And, in the year 2007, Armitron started manufacturing automatic watches.

Distinct Features Of Wr165:

The Armitron Wr165 is a wristwatch that has four buttons near the edge of the watch’s face. These four buttons help to control all the functions of Wr165, which includes re-setting the date and time. This digital sports watch also displays both 12 and 24 hour time formats. In the 12 hour format, it displays the distinction between a.m. and p.m. by showing a p.m. indicator in the latter part of the day. Wr165 also includes an hourly chime, 24-hour alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch feature and is water resistant for up to 165 feet.

Features of the Armitron WR330

armitron wr330

Several people are discovering the excellent features and functions of Armitron WR330 watches. In fact, this brand is considered as one of the finest in the industry because of its long history of top quality products that meet every people’s needs and standards. You can never go wrong in purchasing this brand of watch whether you need a timepiece for everyday situations, sporting events or other types of occasions. Armitron is the excellent choice of those who look for elegance and durability in watches for men and women.

About the Brand

Armitron is notable for designing and creating superb watches for over 50 years, as it understands the elements that make a reliable and exquisite timepiece. The company offers the best gift for individuals, which is found in the extensive collection of classic watches for men and women. Moreover, the brand has maintained its excellent reputation with its enduring history and quality of the latest trends and styles in watches. Each product by Armitron features an exceptional value, which is evident in the interesting details and advanced features such as Swarovski crystals, genuine diamonds, high quality stainless steel, exotic leather and chronograph movement. Armitron offers the perfect watch that is the best gift item for your special someone or even for yourself.

The Seiko Orange Monster – Cool, But Rugged

Seiko Orange Monster

The Seiko orange monster is just one of several options in this particular monster range, but of course thanks to it having an orange face it is fair to say that this model really does stand out from the others. There is, however, more to it than simply being orange and we will now look at what lies behind that color to see if this is a watch that can match the others in this range.

As like the others in the range, this watch is an automatic one and this does mean that you wind it up simply by the movements of your wrist rather than having to manually do it or change a battery. This in itself is quite commonplace, but the best part is that it does actually work as it is intended to do, so at least you know that as long as you wear it there is no need to worry about it losing track of time.