If You Need A Classy Watch, Then The Invicta 9937 Is One To Consider

Invicta 9937

If you are indeed looking for a classy watch, then you could certainly do a lot worse than to at least consider buying the Invicta 9937. This particular model really does look the part, but apart from looking good it is also fantastic at keeping the time, so what can you expect should you go ahead and splash the cash and take ownership of this particular watch?

One of the first things that people look at with a quality watch is the movement and in this particular model it is a Swiss movement and like others in this market it is also an automatic watch, which means there is no winding up mechanism to worry about and nor is there a battery. Instead, you wind this up simply by wearing it as the movements of your arm and wrist are what keeps this watch going, so as long as you keep wearing it, then it will never run down and you will be able to keep track of the time without any problems.
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When it comes to the actual design, then you will see that it is stainless steel with a black dial and the result of this is that you do have a watch that looks fantastic and it is ideal both as a dressy watch or one to wear when just relaxing. This stainless steel does not only apply to the case as the strap is also made from the same material and to carry on with this theme you will then find that the numbers on the dial are also around the same color and this means that the watch in general looks very well balanced.

The other main features that you may like to know about with this watch is that it does come with luminous hands making it easier to see the time no matter the light conditions and there is the typical one way bezel movement that you will have come to expect in watches of this type. One of the best parts about the bezel movement with this model is that it does require a bit of force to turn it and this does mean that it will tend to stay in place rather than getting knocked off 0 whenever you wear it.
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Finally, this watch is also water resistant and indeed it has been tested to a depth of 660 feet and this does mean that you have no need to worry about wearing it when swimming and indeed even scuba diving is not out of the question with this particular model. It has to be pointed out that there is nothing special in the technology that means you can take it in water, but it does give you confidence in wearing the watch as nothing can get into the workings and damage it at any point.

In short, this watch both looks fantastic and also works amazingly well, but this is something that you would have already expected from a name that is as well established as Invicta. This watch has an automatic movement, a sturdy case and strap, and is capable of still being worn even in water and thanks to it having an extremely clear dial there really should be no problem whatsoever with this watch if you go ahead and make that purchase.