The Invicta Pro Diver Watch: There Is More To It Than Being Water Resistant

Invicta pro diver

There really is more to the Invicta pro diver watch than it simply being associated with being used in water because in actual fact you are getting a watch that is made to the same high standard as you would expect from this brand and the one thing that is certain is that you will not be let down with this model. Invicta have been making watches for a number of years and have a reputation to uphold, so how does this one compare?

Clearly one of the main things that will draw people to this watch is the fact that it is called the pro diver and the statistic that you will want to know is that it is water resistant to over 600 feet and this means that it is suitable not only for swimming, but also if you love to go scuba diving. This watch has certainly undergone quite a lot of testing before it has been put on public sale and there is certainly no need to worry about water damaging it as the entire watch is tight and does not leak and is testimony to the quality craftsmanship that you expect from Invicta.

For the design, then there is no doubt that this model does look rather classy as it comes complete with a brushed stainless steel case and strap with this being complimented by a black face and black bezel movement it does lead to the watch looking rather classy. Invicta do then keep with this theme by making sure that the details on the dial are also in a silver shade, but they do also have a luminous touch to them to make sure that you can still see the time in any light condition.

When it comes to what the watch is capable of doing, then it does not come with anything fancy rather it tends to focus more on allowing you to tell the time and indeed it uses a hardened crystal cover on the face as this does offer you amazing clarity along with durability thanks to it being somewhat resistant to scratches and being chipped. It is also worth noting that this watch does come with a certain degree of shock resistance and this does also mean that apart from divers it is a great watch for runners as the movement will not damage the interior and the watch will still work perfectly.

Finally, you should know that this watch is not a chronograph, so there is no stopwatch facility, but overall that should not matter unless you specifically have to time things to the second. You will also get a one year warranty should you go ahead and purchase this model and overall there is nothing really negative to say about a watch that does not cost a fortune in the first place.

Hopefully now you will see that this is not simply a watch for people that love to dive, but instead it can be worn by anybody that just loves to have a classy looking watch on their wrist. You will find that it sits quite comfortably on your wrist, it is accurate with telling the time, and you could certainly do a lot worse than to go ahead and buy this model of watch from Invicta.