The Invicta Subaqua Watch: A Quality Product For A Lower Price

Invicta Subaqua

The Invicta subaqua watch is really a quality item, but it does not come with as high a price tag as you may have initially thought. Instead, what you get is a watch that does the job it is intended for without all of the glitz that other makes tend to produce, but with the 2013 models now out on sale what can you expect from the latest model?

This particular range of watches has certainly resulted in the production of models that look quite rugged in nature and they are certainly not for a dressy occasion. Instead, they are far more practical and quite manly in their design with the rubber or silicone strap being quite common along with stainless steel cases and this being mixed in with various different colors that make each model out to be slightly different to the rest. It is worth noting that the case is often colored in order to make it look like it is another material other than steel and it just adds to the rugged look associated with these watches.

These particular watches are normally chronographs, so they are certainly capable of doing a lot more than the normal range of watches that Invicta tend to produce as you do have those additional dials on the face that indicate the number of seconds. It has to be pointed out that this does not appear on every single one as there are subaqua watches that are more down to earth with them just focusing on allowing you to tell the time rather than anything else.

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[easyazon-image align="left" asin="B006DI0F6W" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="123"]However, no matter which one you buy from the range you will find that they are relatively big in their size and the face is protected by a hard crystal cover and this simply stops the face from being damaged or scratched when in use. It is also worth talking about the movement and you will generally find that it is a Swiss movement and of course this does mean that it will be precise when telling the time and indeed it will continue to be precise for a number of years.

The only other things that you may like to know about this line of watches is that they are water resistant and indeed they have been tested to a depth of over 1500 feet making them ideal for diving without you ever running into any problems. This does mean that the watch has to be able to withstand a lot of pressure in this environment, so if it is capable of doing that, then you should never have any problems when wearing it in everyday life.[easyazon-image align="right" asin="B003UNX0GA" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="123"]

What is clear is that this particular watch from Invicta really is one of their best models and indeed it is one of the best watches of its type currently available on the market. The watch does everything that you will ever need, is water resistant as you would expect and is exceptionally well made, so if you want to buy a watch of this calibre, then there really is only one option and that is to buy this particular subaqua watch.

Invicta Subaqua: Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on