The Seiko Orange Monster – Cool, But Rugged

Seiko Orange Monster

The Seiko orange monster is just one of several options in this particular monster range, but of course thanks to it having an orange face it is fair to say that this model really does stand out from the others. There is, however, more to it than simply being orange and we will now look at what lies behind that color to see if this is a watch that can match the others in this range.

As like the others in the range, this watch is an automatic one and this does mean that you wind it up simply by the movements of your wrist rather than having to manually do it or change a battery. This in itself is quite commonplace, but the best part is that it does actually work as it is intended to do, so at least you know that as long as you wear it there is no need to worry about it losing track of time.

Next, you may like to know that this watch is capable of still working to a depth of 660 feet and indeed it has been passed fit for use with scuba diving and has been subjected to a series of tests that show that the water will not damage the watch making it ideal for diving. The inner workings of the watch are protected by a thick stainless steel case and even the face of the watch is protected by a heavy-duty crystal that does not only stop the water from getting in, but also prevents the face being damaged or scratched over time.

When you are looking at telling the time, then in actual fact the orange background to the face is certainly not going to put you off and due to the overall design of the face it is still very easy to actually tell the time. You are of course helped by the fact that the hands are luminous so you can tell the time in any condition or light setting and you are further helped out by it having well designed and easy to read bar markers, so there really should be no problems with this part of the watch.

Other additional features to be aware of is that it also comes with the normal date reading on the dial and there is a one directional rotating bezel on the outer part of the case with this just allowing you to keep track of time that has elapsed. There is not really anything that is too fancy or unnecessary with this watch and indeed it just makes you think that they have tried to focus on the most important parts rather than showing off with what they are capable of doing.

In conclusion, this watch is certainly cool to look at, but also quite rugged at the same time and there is no doubt that it is capable of withstanding a lot of punishment even under water. The watch itself is great at keeping the time and you will also have no problems when it comes to seeing the dial at any point and overall you will be quite content with your purchase should you go ahead and buy this particular model.