Dansko – Interesting Facts About The Popular Shoe Company

clogsDansko has been making clogs and other types of shoes for a little over twenty years now. While they aren t the oldest shoe company, they have already gained a large worldwide following. This is mainly due to the comfort and practicality of their shoes, whether for walking or working long hours on your feet. In this article, well be looking at some interesting characteristics of Dansko s unique collection of shoes.

Dansko makes many types of footwear, but its best known for its clogs. Inspired by the style of clogs that were traditional in Denmark, Dansko’s clogs are made to be extremely comfortable and healthy for your feet. Clogs were originally made of wood, and used by laborers and farmers to protect their feet. Dansko makes some wooden clogs, but also ones made from leather and other materials. The rocker bottom gives these clogs extra stability as you stand or walk in them. They also have better shock absorption compared to other brands of clogs. In this way, they are more like athletic shoes than typical clogs or other casual or dress shoes. In its short history, Dansko has consistently added innovations to its footwear.