Keurig k50 vs. k55 Review and Comparisons


A cup of coffee

One of the popular drinks to start the day with energy and vitality. It is considered to be one of the best energy drinks that can help you boost the energy levels in any part of the day. Whether you are at home or you are in the workplace, it is the best thing you would like to have whenever you start feeling low. We often come across people who cannot drag themselves out of the cozy bed until they get the sip of their favorite coffee. Considering this growing passion of the cup of coffee the shopping malls, the restaurants and even the rest areas along the highways have managed to have a coffee bar for their visitors so they can quench the desire of sipping light or dark coffee whenever they like.

To facilitate coffee lovers, coffee makers are created. The market today has a wide range of coffee makers from a number of brands. All of these crush down the coffee beans to give you the delightfully satisfying cup or two of the coffee. Regardless of the brand, there is one common feature, and that is to make a combo of water and the coffee beans as the water passes through the beans it takes out all the flavor out of it.  This further passes out of the filter into the cup to give you the coffee of your style. Keurig is a popular brand in the world of coffee makers. For years it has worked for the coffee lovers. It has created some awesome coffee makers for its customers like the K50 and the K55.

Keurig K50

Keurig K50 Coffee Maker

K50 is a popular coffee maker that can help you enjoy a cup of coffee in less than a minute. In just a few years it has come up to the expectations of the users and the list of satisfying customers is increasing rapidly.

A quick functioning is one of its key features. It has become possible for the machine to deal with 70 different kinds of coffee brands available in the market from different brands. Hence, the users find it quite relieving to taste out of 500 different and unique flavors. Therefore, there is a choice of a wide variety of delightful coffee that can make you feel energetic and fresh once you sip it. In a similar manner, you can create a hot cup of coffee with the liquid at the boiling temperature, or you may switch to cold coffee by adding enough ice to it.  The best thing the users admire is that they don’t have to wait much.  In just a few seconds their coffee is us of the K50. The manufacturers have ensured that the users can customize the brewing by switching from a minimum of 6 ounces to a maximum of 10 ounces.


The manufacturers have ensured all user-friendly features. Once you are leaving the kitchen, you want everything to be clean. Hence, being a user, you admire to use something that is hassle free and easy to clean. For a perfectly clean kitchen platform and for an easy after use cleaning the K50 comes with a removable drip tray. The tray allows you to keep the kitchen workplace clean and also to clean the machine easily too. The water reservoir is even large enough, so there is no need to refill the water again and again.

Highlighted features

  • Automatic switch off feature
  • Takes than a minute
  • Easy to control push button functions
  • Huge enough water reservoir
  • Can brew in different sizes
  • Great for brewing different beverages both hot and cold

Keurig K55

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

Keuring is a reliable coffee maker manufacturer. It is a brand that has always endeavored to win the hearts through performance. Following the success of their famous coffee machine K50, the company added its successors to its catalog with the title. It was ensured that this would continue to give the same quality as that of the predecessor. Hence, more features and innovations ensuring better performance, better taste and ease were added to K55. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the next generation coffee machine.

There is little difference between the two, but still, it is not wrong to say that K55 is a better addition to the list of the coffee makers. It does not take more than a minute to brew your favorite coffee flavor. It won‘t be wrong to say that it is an admirable single cup coffee maker. It is one of the elite and outclasses coffee brewing machines. The coffee lovers can enjoy both the hot and the chilled versions of their favorite coffee flavors within no time. Just add chilled water or ice cubes and get the tastiest cup of the cold coffee. If you are longing for a refreshing hot cup of coffee, pour in the water and let the machine handle the rest. Unlike traditional machines that take longer to heat up the water it would give the appropriate temperature in just 90 seconds. Thus, there is nothing to worry about the time; the machine will save several important minutes in your life.

With an auto shut off the system, you can program your machine for the next cup of coffee. Another innovative addition is the descaling process for easy and perfect cleaning. The machine goes well with all kinds of coffee brands. The users love the affordable price as they are getting the best features in a much reasonable.

Keuring coffee maker

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to clean removable drip tray
  • Can brew from 6 to 10 ounces
  • dual filters for perfect brewing
  • saves both energy and time
  • huge water reservoir
  • innovative descaling features


What is the difference between Keurig K50 vs K55  ?

In order to make the ultimate decision of buying the best coffee maker, it is important to compare the products. The core     areas in which the two can be compared are as follows:

  1. The predecessor does not weigh much. It makes a great choice for homes with small and limited kitchens. There are no color options in this model, and all that you can buy is black K50. The former weighs little more and has a sturdy make. The best feature is the variety of colors. You can buy out of different colors according to your kitchen attire.
  2. What matters the most is not just the look and the design but the performance. It is the performance that makes any machine the right choice. Both these models are known for an amazing performance. Little time and best flavors are all that these coffee machines can render. The huge water reservoir saves you from adding the water again and again. Cleaning coffee machines have always been a huge problem. Keurig believes in user’s trust and ease. To further this goal they have added the easy to clean removable drip tray. The major difference rests in time consumption.  K55 is not as much time consuming as is K50.
  3. Once you are in the market, you try to get the best thing, but the budget and the finances can be a real frustrating element. The price is high enough to suit your choices. The prices of both these Keurig products are great for the users, but there is a gap between the two. The former is cheaper than the latter. Although both look much similar and there is little difference in the quality yet the high performance of K55 makes it worth this price.


Buyers Guide

If you are setting out to get the Keuring creation then it is time to check for the following qualities in the brewer:

How many cups can it brew?

You must know how many cups you need in a single go. Depending on the number of cups you can choose the right one.  You can comfortably buy the machines that can make a single cup in a go and go for the multiple numbers of cups too. A single cup machine would take much longer to create multiple cups.

What kind of coffee do you actually want to drink?

There are different brands of coffees available in the market.  Each of these has different tastes and flavors. Even the aromas are entirely different. It is not necessary that all of these suit your taste buds. In some cases, each member of the family has his own taste.    Hence it is essential to buy the coffee machine that can deal with all kinds of brands easily. There are a number of machines like the Kauri K50 and K55 that can make use of 70 different brands of coffees.

How much does the machine cost?

Above everything that matters a great deal is a price. Sometimes you go out to buy the perfect machine at a huge price thinking that it will be the best, but it turns out to be a disaster.  The same goes for the low cost.  They can be bought in a few bucks, but the performance is outclassed. Match your requirements with the price range. Don’t cross your budgetary constraints. This would compel you to cut down the budget for some important tasks.  It is better to search for the available options in order to reach the right decision.

Is the machine easy to handle?

Cleaning and maintenance are always difficult to handle. The users get tired of managing things. Check for all the components and the warranty too before buying the machine.

Keurig Frequently Asked Questions

How much power will my Keurig machine need?

At first, these coffee machines need a little more power than the usual machines. The maximum power it requires, later on, is 150 watts. If you do not switch off the system, it will make use of 200 to 400 watts of temperature to keep the water inside the system warm enough for a coffee. After the task is over, it won’t cost you more than the watts used for an ordinary bulb. To ensure power saving the Keurig has introduced the power saving feature through the auto shut down function.

How to maintain the Keurig coffee makers?

The life of the coffee machine rests on the maintenance. The regular cleaning can add years and improve the quality of the machine too. You can use any soft material to clean the coffee maker thoroughly. It is not advisable to put the machine in the water. The Keurig creations are all dishwasher safe except for the water reservoir and its lid. The K55 comes with a unique descaling function too. This allows removing the scales from the machine that can hinder the performance.



K55 and K50 both almost look the same. Most of the features match in both the machines. In the overall performance what appears to be perfect is the K55.  The features are far more advanced, and the user gets more convenience with K55. The cup is best for all Keurig designs. Those who are tired of the gruesome cleaning of the coffee machines would love the descaling feature added to K55. With the descaling feature, it becomes easy to get rid of all kinds of wastes in a user-friendly way. It is also more durable than K50.  It helps in keeping away the plastic-like flavor in the coffee that is experienced in the case of the K50. The users with style love the color options available in the K55. Choose any of the favorite colors that go with your kitchen interior.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is a recent version with all the recent features. It has the updated functions, and the price is not too bothering as well.