Quick and easy nails with Jamberry Nail wraps

Jamberry nail wrapsIf you new to Jamberry or have never used it before, then you must be thinking “what is all this about”? To begin with, Jamberry is a nail wrap product that has innovatively brought about an overwhelming level of new nail art and nail designs, never seen before. This simple Jamberry Nails idea began with the aim of helping women the world over to express themselves in a new approach. It is also the leading inexpensive brand that after appliance never chips, cracks or peels.

Wow! How did all this begin?

Well, three sisters with unique personal tastes and love for style after an expensive time together at a nail salon were determined to hit upon a more simple and yet inexpensive method of keeping their fingers and toe nails elegant and graceful, at all times. The Jamberry proprietary nail wraps got underway towards the end of 2010, after quite a lot of tests and slip-ups. This Do-It-Yourself, home application with an unbelievable array of designs caught on like wildfire.

The time of nails chipping and flaking, single colour manicure/pedicure that’s time consuming and expensive, are all of the past now. Every Jamberry nail wrap supports technique and confidence with style. Moreover, its application is inexpensive and consumes very less of one’s valuable time.

What are Jamberry Nails all about?

With every precise application, these highly valuable vinyl nail wraps, provides a long-term, robust, beautiful manicures and pedicures by forming an impermeable seal with the nail, at all times. So, why choose the Jamberry nail wraps over traditional nail merchandise.

  • Price – It’s expensive to go for a $25 manicure and pedicure at a salon and lucky enough, if it will last a whole week. Alternatively, considering the size of one’s nail, one can get 18 wraps for two to three applications from a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps that cost only $15.
  • Convenience – Within the convenience of one’s home, wraps can be easily and quickly applied.
  • Incomparable WOW feature – Jamberry offers an amazing array of designs from solid colours to collegiate symbols and graphic patterns to animal prints.

Furthermore, one will love its fresh, trendy and fashionable designs that are in vogue.

So, why should one try Jamberry?

Here are a few very simple and yet practical answers.

  • One’s love for great value and is dreadful of having to spend $25 on manicure which chips in about less than 3 days time.
  • Has a busy and hectic schedule and hence does not have hours to sit in a salon.
  • Always up and about even while at home, and painfully cannot wait for polish to dry at a snail’s pace.
  • Is not likely to be a qualified nail technician and hence won’t get trashed about applying the products with much difficulty.

Guess, by now you’re ready to go, if not do browse around. Why not visit the site jazzynailwraps.com and read my review of jamberry nails or send me your queries.